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During a renovation many homeowners and business are overjoyed to discover original terrazzo floors buried beneath tile or carpeting, only to be heartsick to discover their floor appears damaged beyond repair by old cracks and carpet tacks.

This damage can be repaired, and your floor restored to better than new.


You owe it to yourself to take advantage of our free consultation. You will not regret restoring your original floors, and once we’ve polished them to a microscopic level – they’re incredibly easy to maintain, and keep your home cooler.

Terrazzo Restoration

Nothing makes us happier than amazed clients exclaiming “WOW!” when they see their beautifully restored marble.

Our Terrazzo Restoration Process

First things first, we’ll take care of your space by putting tape and protective plastic on your walls and cabinets. Then, we’ll work on your floor using a special machine with spinning heads and gradually grind it with 16, 30, and 50 grit metal honing discs. This process removes the worn-out top layer of your dull terrazzo floor, revealing its original, pristine surface.

Terrazzo Hand Grinding

Terrazzo Hand Grinding

To achieve a consistent shine across your terrazzo floor, we meticulously hand grind the edges and corners. This hands-on approach ensures that every part of your floor receives the attention it needs, resulting in a uniform and polished finish that enhances the overall beauty of your space.

Terrazzo Chip & Hole Repair

Terrazzo Chip and Hole Repair

In our years of restoring terrazzo floors in Lowell, it’s rare to find one without chips or cracks. People used to dislike terrazzo for being slippery, high maintenance, and hard to clean. Many ended up covering their terrazzo with different flooring types. If your terrazzo has chips or cracks, don’t worry – we’ve got it covered. We’ll delicately drill out the damaged areas, fill them with matching marble chips, and then grind the patch to seamlessly blend with the rest of your terrazzo floor. Just remember, fixing cracks in terrazzo can be influenced by various factors, but we’ll make sure it looks great!

Note: Patching up terrazzo is a skill that takes years to perfect, so it’s essential to choose wisely. Avoid trusting this task to a sub-contractor from just any flooring company. Terrazzo floors are unique – no two are exactly alike. They’re crafted using various stones and binding agents, making it crucial to match them accurately. Our skilled Terrazzo Restoration craftsmen have the expertise to identify the specific stones used in your floor and will use the same ones for any necessary patches. Using a different stone or subpar binding agent can result in a mismatched and unsightly floor. Rest assured, our experts can fill quarter-sized holes at a reasonable cost, ensuring your terrazzo looks fantastic.

Terrazzo Stain Removal

Terrazzo Stain Removal

When it comes to tackling stubborn stains on terrazzo floors or dealing with “ghosting” effects, we have an additional solution available. For floors with severe staining, we offer an optional peroxide treatment that can be applied during the restoration process for an extra charge. This specialized treatment is designed to address tough stains and ghosting issues, enhancing the overall result of the restoration. If you’re interested in this option, feel free to inquire about it during your complimentary terrazzo restoration consultation. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive solution tailored to the unique needs of your terrazzo floor.

Terrazzo Grinding

Terrazzo Grinding

After revealing the fresh surface of your terrazzo floor and fixing any issues, we’ll proceed with polishing using finer and finer resin diamonds. This thorough process ensures a microscopic-level polish, preventing dirt from accumulating on the surface. With this polished finish, maintaining the shine is easy – just use a damp mop, and you can enjoy the gleam for years to come.

Terrazzo Polishing

Terrazzo Polishing

We take the polishing of your terrazzo floor to the next level by using a compound polish, achieving a stunning natural high gloss. This meticulous step adds a brilliant shine to the surface, enhancing the overall aesthetics of your terrazzo. The compound polish not only brings out the natural beauty of the floor but also contributes to its durability, providing a long-lasting and attractive finish. Our goal is to ensure that your terrazzo not only looks great initially but continues to impress for years to come.

Terrazzo Seal & Protect

Terrazzo Sealing

To safeguard your terrazzo floor from potential stains, we go the extra mile by applying a penetrating sealer. This protective sealant is carefully applied to create a barrier that prevents stains from penetrating the surface of the terrazzo. This added layer of defense ensures that spills and potential staining agents are less likely to leave a lasting mark, making it easier for you to maintain the pristine appearance of your terrazzo floor. Our commitment is not just to restore but to protect, ensuring the longevity and resilience of your beautifully revitalized terrazzo surface.

Terrazzo Floor Repair

If your terrazzo floor has chips, cracks, or holes, it’s time for some professional repair. Terrazzo floors can last for years with the right care, and repairing them is a delicate job that requires the expertise of a skilled technician. That’s where Stone Sealers and Restoration comes in – we’re experts in terrazzo floor repair, dedicated to making your floors look brand new. 

Whether it’s your home, rental property, or business, we’ll come to you and ensure your terrazzo floor maintains that high-quality appearance. Trusting your terrazzo to less experienced companies can risk its condition, but with us, you’re in safe hands. Our team is highly skilled and has earned numerous awards through our parent company, Stone Sealers and Restoration, proving our commitment to excellence. We genuinely care about preserving the beauty of your terrazzo floors!

New Terrazzo Installations

Thinking about getting a new terrazzo floor? It’s like turning your floor into a blank canvas with endless design options – from simple and classic to super detailed and complex. Terrazzo is not just stylish, but it’s also super durable, used in places like royal palaces and busy airports. 

At Stone Sealers and Restoration, we make getting a new terrazzo floor affordable and easy. Our expert installers are like artists, trusted by top businesses in Lowell. We’ll even create samples so you can see exactly how your terrazzo will look before we start. You get to pick colors and patterns, so you’re confident about the final result. With us, amazing results are always guaranteed!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

How Do You Restore Old Terrazzo?

For terrazzo restoration, we follow a meticulous process. First, we carefully prepare the area by protecting walls and cabinets. Using a grinding machine with varying grits, we remove the worn-out layer to expose the virgin surface. We hand-grind edges and corners for a uniform shine. After addressing any chips or cracks, we polish the floor with resin diamonds, achieving a high gloss. Finally, we apply a penetrating sealer for stain protection.


Can Terrazzo Be Repaired?

Yes, terrazzo can be repaired. Whether it has chips, cracks, or holes, our skilled technicians at Stone Sealers and Restoration can undertake the delicate process of repairing terrazzo. We use matching marble chips and carefully blend the patches to ensure a seamless finish. Terrazzo repair is a specialized skill, and our team is well-equipped to handle it.


How Do You Clean Heavily Soiled Terrazzo Floors?

Cleaning heavily soiled terrazzo floors involves thorough yet gentle methods. We avoid harsh chemicals that could damage the surface. Regular damp mopping with a neutral pH cleaner is effective for routine cleaning. For more stubborn stains, we offer an optional peroxide treatment during the restoration process, ensuring a deep clean without compromising the terrazzo’s integrity.


What Is The Lifespan Of Terrazzo?

Terrazzo is known for its durability, and when properly maintained, it can last for decades. The lifespan of terrazzo depends on factors such as installation quality, maintenance practices, and foot traffic. With regular care and professional restoration as needed, terrazzo floors can maintain their elegance and functionality for a very long time.