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Marble Scratch Repair

Have you bought expensive marble and furniture but due to various reasons such as house shifting, they ended up scratched and looking dull? Feeling like all hope is lost and the money spent has gone to waste? Well, worry not! Because we promise to remove marble scratch repair & marble stain removal.

Thousands of scratched furniture are discarded every year as the owners lose faith in its restoration. We bring a new light of hope to this furniture and floors as we make it our mission to restore its originality.

Why You Need Marble Scratch Repair?

The wide variety of causes of scratches include encounters with an abrasive surface such as fingernails, jewelry, and pets, such as dogs and cats, clawing at smooth furniture. We know that furniture cannot be 100% protected all the time and so this is where we come into play, we offer marble scratch repair services done by our competent professionals giving a slick appearance of your furniture.

Removing Marble Scratches

“Marble Scratches” refers to the common problem of scratches and etches that can occur on marble surfaces due to everyday wear and tear or accidental damage. Scratches can range from minor surface marks to deeper grooves, while etches are small pits or dull spots that occur when acidic substances come in contact with the marble surface.

At Life Stone Pro, we offer professional marble scratch repair services to restore the smooth, polished appearance of your marble surfaces. Our trained technicians use specialized equipment and techniques to remove scratches and restore the shine of your marble. We begin by assessing the damage and selecting the appropriate abrasive and polishing compounds to match the hardness of the marble. We then use a series of abrasive pads to gradually smooth out the scratches and restore the surface to its original shine.

In addition to repair services, we also offer preventative solutions such as ANTI-ETCH COATING, which can protect your marble surfaces from future etching and scratching caused by acidic substances. Our team is dedicated to providing the best possible care for your natural stone surfaces, ensuring that they remain beautiful and functional for years to come.

Repair Marble Scratched From Professionals?

Marble Scratch repair services always requires professional help as there is no guarantee that store-bought scratch removal products work and some might even worsen the current situation. Scratch removal requires careful examination of the depth of the scratch and the proper blend of products used in order to erase the marble scratches almost completely as if it were never there.

The General Process

Depending on how severe the scratches whether it be scratched marble or table scratches are, we first sand with a diverse range of sandpaper based on their grit. We then switch to an automotive buffing compound and the process of buffing scratches, left by the sandpaper, starts.

Our Marble Scratch Repair Services

       The array of services offered by our company include:

  • Remove scratches from marble
  • Marble scratch repair
  • Eliminating table scratches
  • Marble polish
  • Buffing scratches
  • Smoothening tabletops and various surfaces
  • Retaining the original form by getting rid of scratched marble and revealing its gleaming surface.

        Each service is done up to the mark and to the point of perfection.

Marble Scratch Remover

  • We use either high-quality fine sandpaper or steel wool to carefully sand or buff out the scratched marble.
  • We then rinse the area with water.
  • We pat dry with a soft cloth.
  • Finally, we apply a marble polish to restore shine and revive the marble while simultaneously protecting it from future scratches. e also provide marble and granite services.

Process of Clearing Out Table Scratch

  • Firstly, we dampen the specific sandpaper with water.
  • Then we carefully sand the surface where the scratch is located. We make sure to follow the direction of the marble scratches. Our experts make sure not to over-sand the surface as this is a common mistake seen in unprofessional workers.
  • Once the scratch is removed, we apply to paste wax and buff with steel wool to bring back the glistening surface of the table.

Process of Marble Polish

While we might sweep and mop the marble surface weekly, it still seems to lose its lustrous look. Good and professional marble polish is all it takes to rejuvenate your home. Guess what? We offer exactly that! The opportunity to breathe new life into your old and dull floors.

  • Our professionals begin by sweeping the floors and then thoroughly clean them with an infiltrating chemical that helps loosen dirt and oil that may have soaked into the stone. The chemical is removed using a specialized vacuum.
  • The advantage of this step is that this gets rid of the dirt which is harboring different kinds of bacteria and fungi, ultimately making it a safe zone for you and your family.
  • Then we use a combination of abrasive chemicals, sanding disks, and polishing pads to strip away a very thin layer of stone to minimize the surface blemishes.
  • After the stone has been refinished, our experts use liquid, spray, or powder-based stone polishes to restore the dull marble floors. A powerful round rotating polishing machine is generally used to polish the floors.
  • Once the floor has been polished, we reseal the surface to protect it against future stains.
  • The resultant marble floors seem to be glistening and look like how they did when originally bought.

Why Choose Us?

You can place your trust in us due to the assorted number of reasons mentioned below:

  • We have a leading range of tools and devices required for specific types of services.
  • We save the time you would have spent trying to remove the marble scratches using haphazard knowledge from the internet which does not guarantee results at all.
  • We save your resources.
  • We will safely transport your beloved furniture to the warehouse for proper, professional evaluation and determination of the best course of action.
  • The results provided by our team will be long-lasting and extremely satisfying.
  • We promise to return your furniture in its best form, if not better.
  • We offer the best prices and deals through our website.
  • Easy accessibility.

So, if you ever need any of our services whether that’s to remove scratches from marble or marble polishing, do give us a quick call and we will succumb to your needs in the most professional manner.

What Are the Steps After Initial Contact with Us?

While maintaining the utmost professionalism and benevolence, we will try our absolute best to understand your needs and cater to them.

        Following are the steps that we intend to follow:

  • First of all, we will set up a meeting with our clients to attain the entire idea of what they want to accomplish such as scratch removal only or rejuvenating the floors with marble polish.
  • We will also acquire what seemed to have caused these marble scratches whether that be domestic animals such as pets, fingernails, jewelry, or moving the furniture capriciously.
  • Then we will proceed to design a scheme in order to plan what should be done first after the initial examination of the damaged goods.
  • We have hired the best workers to check the damages and assess the best plan for the removal of scratches.
  • We make sure the workers work with sheer delicacy and determination.
  • We then generate quotations by budgeting regarding the degree of damages and the best course of action required which necessitates certain equipment and tools.
  • We then sign the contract with the client, making sure we have noted down all the concerns of the client and addressed them accordingly.
  • The scratched/damaged furniture is then brought to us, which is then sent to our warehouse to begin the process of repair.
  • Within the quoted days in the contract, we work punctually and make sure to deliver the goods to the client at the earliest.
  • Let us take the load off your wallets and make sure you get your own beloved furniture back but with looking good as new so you won’t have to buy new furniture to give your lovely home a fresh look.
  • Our services are surely cost-friendly and deliver the best results by the most hard-working professionals with years of experience in this business.
  • Next time you think of replacing your old and dull furniture with costly new furniture and floors, make sure to look us up and give us a try! It will save you some serious cash and give your home a fresh makeover.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Q: Can Scratches On Marble Surfaces Be Repaired?
A: Yes, scratches on marble surfaces can often be repaired. Various methods and products are available for addressing different types and severities of scratches.

Q: What Causes Scratches On Marble?
A: Scratches on marble can result from a variety of sources, including abrasive materials, dragging heavy objects, or contact with sharp objects. Identifying the cause is essential for determining the most appropriate repair method.

Q: Can I Repair Marble Scratches Myself?
A: Some minor scratches can be DIY-repaired using marble polishing compounds or specialized kits. However, for deep or extensive scratches, it’s advisable to seek professional help to ensure proper restoration.

Q: What Products Are Suitable For Diy Marble Scratch Repair?
A: Marble polishing compounds, honing powders, and specialized marble repair kits are commonly used for DIY scratch repair. It’s important to follow product instructions and test on a small, inconspicuous area first.

Q: Do Marble Scratch Repair Products Alter The Color Of The Marble?
A: Quality scratch repair products are designed to restore the natural color of the marble without altering it. Following manufacturer guidelines and using the right products can help achieve seamless results.

Q: How Do Professionals Repair Deep Scratches On Marble?
A: Professional marble scratch repair may involve techniques like honing, grinding, or re-polishing, depending on the severity of the scratches. Experienced technicians assess the damage and choose the most suitable method.