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Marble is a natural stone that is used in house flooring and countertops. Because of its ancient exquisite nature and extremely eye-catching appearance, it has been the talk of the town ever since. There is no doubt that the prices to install marble flooring or countertops are also high because of the marble stone and marble floor design. Marble flooring makes a substantial impact on the ambiance of your interior.

marble floor design

Many homeowners install marble flooring throughout their entire house as it is a long-term investment. However, according to the new trend, adding a pop of marble flooring in   

  • master bedroom   
  • Bathroom   
  • Kitchen   
  • Foyer   
  • living room  

is the perfect way to use the stone. Natural stone marble flooring is the best choice for your indoor areas and there are different ways in design in which you can install marble flooring. The pattern is a decorative design that is created with small tiles in a specific area of a wall or a floor. Marble flooring tiles come in various colors, designs, and surface patterns.  

You can choose different styles for your living room decor, luxury mansion interiors, bathroom ideal flooring, etc., with help of Stone Life Stone INC. Each marble floor design offers a various range of designs. Marble has a diversified personality. You can use marble flooring in a modern home as well as the old city homes. Every pattern will do justice to your property. Even a small spill of tea, coffee, or mustard oil can also be dangerous for your marble flooring pattern.  

Marble Floor Design

Marble Floor Restoration Cost

Marble is a natural stone that has been recrystallized under the influence of heat, pressure, and aqueous solutions. It includes all the decorative calcium-rich rocks that can be polished. In most of the severely deformed rocks, the grains show strips and may be elongated in a particular direction. Marble is hard to restore. A minor scratch on your marble can demolish your long-term investment for good.  

You can also use some DIY videos for marble floor restoration as it will be much more economical as compared to hiring a professional service provider. You will also have the liberty of choosing the best marble lower cleaner and the polish are within your budget or you can opt for a homemade alternative that will be within your limit. The drawback to this function is that this process will require a lot of time, patience, and hard work.

If you go to opt the authentic marble floor design services, some professional providers offer the proper cleaning of your marble floor tiles at affordable rates. This will save you from paying for the materials as well as working hard on the floor. The professional offers you the marble floor restoration cost before we start our services to make sure that you will get a proper estimation of your budget. We pay particular attention to the corners, the doorways, and other areas that usually go unnoticed.  

Restoring marble usually costs around $2 per square foot. However, usually, the average cost to restore a 200-square-foot marble stone floor costs from $600 to $1000, with an average being $800. If you’re polishing or resorting the stone floors or the countertops with their original finishing range, it usually costs from $410 to $1,215 depending on the labor and the material the professionals are going to use.  

Marble Floor Restoration Cost kit

Marble floor is a hectic job and it requires professionals that may use a combination of abrasive chemicals, sanding disc, and the polishing pad to stripe away any thin layer of the stone to minimize the surface flaws and to offer you a clean surface to work on. Life Stone INC. offers the services only with the help of professionals that uses the authentic marble floor design restoration kit to avoid any damage to your stone.  

 The best the marble floor restoration kits usually contain all that is needed to restore your surface including  

  • 3 scouring pads  
  • a polishing pad  
  • marble Polish (6.8 fl oz.)  
  • Marble finishing Polish (8.5 fl oz.)  
  • Gloves  

Marble surfaces are extremely beautiful to look at. They are very expensive and stylish and appear to be a value booster in real estate. Choosing the right kit for your marble floor is not enough. Only the professionals have the appropriate knowledge to use the kit and the material on the floor. Excess of the material can also ruin your marble flooring.  

The cost of restoring the marble floor largely depends upon the condition of the stone. Installing marble floors may be a little more expensive to restore as compared to the newer ones. Better techniques and restoration kits are required as our experts only offer the best services. It is up to you to choose the best of the services.  

Marble Floor Design Restoration Salt Lake City

Life Stone INC. is a natural stone restoration services provider in Massachusetts that maintained, and restores all kinds of marble and natural stones We are a hardworking company and offered the services that you deserve. If you are looking for marble floor restoration Salt Lake City services, message us for better services. A lifetime experience is guaranteed.  

Life Stone INC. uses all the latest restoration kits and techniques to offer both commercial and residential marble floor restoration services at affordable prices and according to your hour of need. We only hire the expert after a thorough justification. Contact us to get a better understanding of the services we are offering.  

We work with stone flooring of any kind for residential and commercial purposes. The most common jobs we are called in include   

  • Kitchen restoration (Floor and countertops)   
  • Bathroom maintenance and restoration (countertops, shower, floor)   
  • Garage marble cleaning and restoration (Concrete or tile)   

We are the best stone floor polishing and restoration providers in Las Vegas and we aim to deliver the best services with a long-time result. We help you to maintain the beauty and prestige of stone flooring by using up-to-date techniques and the best stone floor polishing and restoration services.

Marble Floor Tile

Marble flooring is an excellent and expensive choice and they are not as troublesome as a marble kitchen countertop could be. Your kitchen countertop could become devastating with a tiny scratch however your marble tiles are very easy to clean and they have a low risk for maintenance issues like etching. Whether you are a modern homeowner or have a home of old age, marble floor tile is always a thing that will transform your house into something traditional as well as modern.  

Marble floor tiles usually are expensive and cost differently as per the size of the tiles. An individual 12 x 12-inch tile can cause up to $5 to $10 per square foot. It is better if you use marble in high-traffic areas. It has a smooth glazed finish which makes it luminous and shiny. It is scratch resistant as well as fire-resistant and it is very easy to clean. Floor tiles are made of clay and then they are polished.  

However, the major con is that polished marble is often slippery when wet. Nonslip products are designed to increase the grip fraction of the floor without reducing its shine. Marble floors are naturally less slippery as compared to the other natural stone flooring. Only use the best of professional services as they understand the importance of your marble flooring and will offer you long-term services.  

Life Stone INC. is a company with a great portfolio and has decades of experience whether restoring marble or adopting the marble floors. The marbles become very hot in summer and they become very cold in winter and slippery in the rainy season because the coefficient of heat for marble is very high. To reduce the full chances of slipping due to the surface being wet in the rainy seasons, hire our services to get the better marble flooring to the prevention of any mishap. 

Are our marble polishing and restoration two different things?

Marble polishing means increasing the density of the marble. While marble restoration involves the removal of scratches and damages from the surface of the stone with the help of mechanical abrasion. Marble restoration is also known as diamond grinding. Marble polishing reduces the risks of chipping, cracks, and abrasions thus making the surface shiny and spotless for a much longer time. Life Stone INC offers both of the services at affordable rates. Contact us for a better estimate.  

What happens to furniture when you work on the restoration of services?

Furniture is placed safely in other rooms with the help of experts. It is better if you go only to professional companies as they know the skill to restore your marble and place your furniture from one place to another with care. Life Stone INC. offers the most exotic and affordable services to move your furniture from one place to another and provide marble restoration services at the same time. Contact us to have a better understanding of our professionals.  

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