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The next big thing in sealing granite countertops permanently

Are you looking for a company that provides you best services regarding sealing granite countertops permanently? Do you have no time to search the market for trending techniques and materials being used? Then, fortunately, you are at the right place.

Stone Sealer And Restoration is now a top trending name to work with. Our quality of work, on-time completion of the task, the durability of the work, and scheduled maintenance are the sparkling attributes of our company.  Our team of professionals has been serving around the town for bunches of decades. Our experienced and well-trained staff is ready all the time to utilize their expertise in your task to make it the best. We not only offer sealing granite countertops permanently but also provide afterward inspection and scheduled maintenance. We are available 24 / 7 and we have no extra fees for weekends.

As trends changes over time, countertops are also very up-to-the-minute. New and enhanced techniques are launching day by day in the market. The process of permanent granite sealing by using catalyzing polymers was developed by Craig Phillips in 2002. There is a different application process for every unique type of granite, e.g. light, dark or medium.

Each of them has a different process of application. In which they have to apply with different catalyzing polymers by applying permanent crystal carbon sealant. After that, it bound the stones with the catalyzing polymer. Granite makes a molecular bond with carbon crystal sealant. It makes a strong granite sealer that can’t be detached. This procedure provides you a lifetime fasten bond with quality, smoother, sparkling, service free and up to the mark. Granite sealers are plastic-free and do not include resins, silicone, and epoxies. They are neither scratched nor turn yellow. It is nontypical. In fact, with sealing granite you get a granite shield. This shield allows you to staining free sealing granite. It allows you a lifetime warranty.

Are you looking for Senguard / Stain proof?

When we talk about sealing granite countertops permanently, we are meant for a long-term product that will last for years without any hassles. In this aspect, we are meant to deal with a product that will not only work as the best granite sealers but will also provide us a better value. Senguard is not only a permanent marble sealer. It is the next generation in the sealer world. It provides premium protection on granite countertops, limestone, marbles against all the oil and water-based stains.

It is based on unique Nanotechnology which makes a strong bond to work well. Fortunately, it deeply penetrates and outputs are completely bonding. It leaves an invisible effect, breathable and complete coverage. Its schema is to chemically repel the liquid and surpass the performance of the standard sealer.

Senguard marble & granite sealer apply both indoors and outdoors. Following is the usage of Sen. Guard:

  • Seal counterpart
  • Backsplashes,
  • Bathroom tile,
  • Floor tile
  • Shower tile

Using this permanent granite sealer, you will be facilitated in surface cleaning at your countertops, shower tiles, grout, kitchen marbles, vanity, etc. By using a permanent marble sealer your concerned area would be easier to clean and lasts for a long period. It is a UV rays protector, No color effect appears, remains fresh color as this time.

It is a great sealer that can seal. Comparatively more stones than normal conventional se

Benefits of Sen:

  • Superior stain protection by premium water and oil repellence
  • Class 5(highest class) resistance to stains, following ISO 10545-14 tested.
  • For long-lasting protection, permanent bonding technology (unique super penetrating) is applied.
  • Re-application free.
  • Applicable on all types of surfaces (granite, marbles) with all types of stones like concrete, pavers, tiles.
  • Weather-resistant i.e. freezes thaw, efflorescence, and spalling damage.
  • Stability of natural color, unlikely other conventional sealers.
  • Applied areas are easy to clean and quickly dry even after heavy rain.
  • The surface is not absorbing external effects likewise water vapors escape freely and easily.
  • Suitable to use at all residential, commercial, indoor, and outdoor.

Difference between Sen. Guard and other conventional sealers:

Conventional marble and granite sealers use fluoro-carbons, fluoro-Teflon, or acrylic polymers to make it 5 – 10 years sustainable. General top marble and granite sealer brands use chemicals containing much larger molecules, resulting in not durable and weak bonding. Need to re-apply within 2-5 years. However, general conventional sealers are highly improved but in the end, Stain-Proof is the next evolutionary step in the world of sealer technology. General sealers may have to apply many times to get the same protection as Stain-Proof is far-most highly efficient to apply (1 or 2 coats) and lasts for years.

It is to be in mind that many myths and misunderstanding aspects are flourishes about sealers and sealing granite countertops. Not a single sealer would avoid discoloring or stain. Sealers are also undergoing to establish more rate of reducing the absorption of a stone. It leads to an advantage of more clean-up the drop. If ignored, a liquid prominent to the surface for a comprehensive period could still do stain, with every type of sealer used. The best advantage of using granite cleaner and sealer like Stain-Proof sealer is its permanent bonding which can remain strong and compatible with other cleaning products. 

Moreover, it would not break down its molecular bonding and don’t require re-application by the time. Also, anyone can contact our professionals to apply Senguard using kits of Senguard marble and granite available in the market. Its working is simple. It just penetrates inside the surface and makes a strong chemical bonding with the stone. Its basic application is at the factory level to make countertops pre-sealed. As our site is here to provide the best solution to the customer. IT is just easy as painting a wall. Moreover, it remains for years. You need to re-apply it every 2 – 5 years.

Why us?

So, let us deal with your problems in the best possible way. Now, it is easy to the sealing granite countertops permanentlyBut we suggest you take the services of professionals like to have your work with professionals and in no time. Choose the best service providers near you with increased affordability and enhanced approachability. We are here to work for your satisfaction. So, join us without any hesitation to work in your own budget.